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NSSC Racing Results  2019

Freeman Iceberg (interim) results

Cup Winners' Cup & Burfoot Trophy results

Pursuit Race results

Impromptu Race results

Autumn Series Overall (final) results

Auitumn Series Laser Radial (final) results

Autumn Series Catamaran (final) results

Autumn Series Menagerie (final) results

Long Distance Fast Fleet (final) results

Long Distance Slow Fleet (final) results

Splash Point & Tidemills Race results

Seahaven Cup results

River Race (final) results

Federation Cup results:click here 

Wed Evening Series 2 (interim) results

Class Championships (final) results

Games Tourney (final) results

Cadet Week (Oppies) (final) results

Cadet Week (Toppers) (final) results

Sailing Week Starters results

Sailing Week Miller Cup results

Sailing Week PM results

Sailing Week AM results

Summer Series overall (final) results

Summer Series Radial (interim) results

Summer Series Catamaran (interim) results

Summer Series Menagerie (interim) results

Topper Open results

Streaker Open results

Wednesday Evening Series 1 (final) results

Friar's Bay (final) results

Regatta: multihulls (final) results

Regatta: monohulls (final) results

Sussex Express Cup (final) results

Birling Gap Long/Middle Distance (fast fleet) results

Cuckmere Haven Long/Middle Distance (slow fleet) results

Spring Series Overall (interim) results

Spring Series Laser Radial (interim) results

Spring Series Cat (interim) results

Spring Series Menagerie (interim) results

Tufton Beamish Cup (final) results

Bosun's Cup (final) results

Commodore's Cup (final) results

Numbum Series overall (final) results

Elford Numbum Series Laser Radial (final) results

Winter Freeman Icicle Cadets (whole winter) (final) results

New Year's Day Race (Laurence Venus Cup) (final) results


NSSC Racing Results  2018  

Winter Freeman Series (final) results

Winter Freeman Icicle Cadets (final) results

Tidemills / Splash Point results

Long/Middle Distance Series Slow Fleet (final) results

Long/Middle Distance Series Fast Fleet (final) results

Burfoot Cup (final) results

Cup Winners' Cup (final) results

Autumn Series Overall (final) results

Autumn Series Laser (final) results

Autumn Series Menagerie (final) results

Autumn Series Multihull (final) results

Seahaven Cup (final) results

Wednesday Evening Series 2 (final) results

Seaford Games Tourney Cup (final) results

Sailing Week River Race results

Sailing Week PM Overall results

Sailing Week PM Series Slow results

Sailing Week PM Series Fast results

Sailing Week AM Series results

Class Championship Overall (final) results

Class Championship Laser (final) results

Class Championship Menagerie (final) results

Class Championship Multihull (final) results

Pursuit Race results

Wednesday Evening Series 1 (final) results

Summer Series Overall (final) results

Summer Series Laser (final) results

Summer Series Menagerie (final) results

Summer Series Multihull (final) results

Friar's Bay result results

Topper Open results

Streaker Open results

Sussex Express Cup (final) results

Splash Point and Tidemills Overall result results

Spring Series Overall (final) results

Spring Series Laser (final) results

Spring Series Menagerie (final) results

Spring Series Multihulls (final) results

Tufton Beamish Cup (final) results

Bosun's Cup 2018 results

Commodore's Cup 2018 results

Elford Numbum Series 2018 (final) results

Cadet Winter Series (final) results

New Years Day Race 2018, The Laurence Venus Trophy final results